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The maximum cost of a Studio Bar V4 Store, in partnership, is € 80,000. We offer: Bar, Self Service, Restaurant, Soft Ice Cream, Yogurt, Pizzeria Monella. € 130,000, in partnership, for the V14 solution, that includes service of Studio Drive Thru. The contract is only offered in partnership for only Oil companies with variable duration between 5 and 20 years. The cost ensures advantageous purchase directly from authorized suppliers of kitchen equipment and ice cream parlor, furniture for indoor and outdoor restaurant, decorations, indoor and outdoor signs, interior lighting, climate control, informatics courses and software, transport, communications, graphics and prints, pre-opening advertising. The affiliate policy is directed to a balanced development through the search for locations with appropriate commercial potential as urban and provincial motorway Service Stations and in primary way. After the opening restaurant, the affiliate will pay Studio Bar some percentage of revenues, net of VAT:
›› fixed royalties € 250/month for depressed areas, up to a maximum of € 500/month + a variable percentage based on the value of the advertising campaign.


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